My name is Brent Dickerson. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, Enrolled Agent, and founder of Over Coffee Financial. I help motivated individuals, and families, get serious about achieving their future financial goals by providing comprehensive financial planning, scientifically based investment management, and effective tax preparation and advice. I am a fiduciary financial advisor in Cleveland. With offices in Rocky River, and from my home in Painesville, I meet with clients all over northeast Ohio. I also work virtually all over the world.

I love to help people see the big picture of their financial future, and we will work together to set goals and develop a roadmap for success.

With regular check-ins and reviews, the financial planning process can help make an uncertain future much clearer for you to move forward with confidence.




I want to keep financial planning simple. It doesn't have to be complicated with lots of tactics and schemes to reach goals - the science shows us that.

Simple doesn't mean easy, however, and the financial planning process can be a lot like marriage. You have to continually work at it to get the best results.

Over Coffee Financial started as Trinity Wealth Management in Texas, in 2014. We underwent a major change in name and branding in 2018 after arriving in Ohio.

I felt that the name, Trinity Wealth Management, didn't quite define the clients with whom I wanted to work. While the name captured my Christian faith, and my desire to provide charitable planning, it didn't quite capture the comfortable, informal, and relaxed environment I want for my clients. So, everything changed.

I want serious but fun-loving. Your financial goals are a serious matter, but we don't have to live in a button-downed, suit-and-tie world to engage in a thoughtful matter. It's not the clothes, its the results. 



No two people are alike, therefore, no two financial plans are alike. It stands to reason, then, that no two people should pay a one-size-fits-all fee. So, we developed a dynamic pricing model that eliminates the "average" and scales pricing to fit your particular situation. We consider several factors to determine the right-fit fee for you. Illustrated below are examples of hypothetical fees for potential clients.

Example 1

John and Jane, married with 2 kids - one in college, one in high school. John and Jane have $485,000 in employer retirement accounts and an additional $65,000 in investment accounts outside of their employer-sponsored 401(k)s. The total value of all their investment accounts is $550,000. John and Jane have come to OCF for comprehensive financial planning and investment management. They signed an agreement 2-weeks prior to today after being presented with the following fee information:

Total of all Investment Accounts
OCF Assets under Management (AUM)
Base Fee
Financial Planning Fee
Total Fee as a % of All Investment Assets
Total Annual Fee

Example 2

Sandy, a young self-employed professional, has $75,000 in a solo-401(k) which constitutes all of her investment assets and all of which is managed by OCF. Sandy has been a client of OCF for two years and had a financial plan created during her first year with the firm. Her current fee information is listed in the table below.

Total of all Investment Accounts
OCF Assets under Management (AUM)
Base Fee
Financial Planning Fee
Total Fee as a % of All Investment Assets
Total Annual Fee




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