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There are a lot of financial planning and advisory firms out there all claiming to do about the same thing and offer about the same service, so what makes us different from them?

Many financial advisors will work with anyone who fogs a mirror. Furthermore, others will often take as many clients as possible overloading their book of business and stretching themselves thin. By contrast, I want to work with quality clients rather than a large quantity and I want to help specific individuals rather than a broad swath of people of varying degrees. That's why we are a bit choosy with whom we decide to work.

I have discovered that expertise in areas of concern for a specific type of client is much more valuable than being everything to everyone. So, I specialize in helping professionals in their 40s and 50s who sacrificed retirement saving in their 20s and 30s but are now ready to do what is needed with their income to reach their future financial goals.

From the name, to how I work, OCF is a different kind of financial advisor. I am here for those ready to get serious about their financial future; those determined professionals who want their money working as hard for them as they worked to earn it.


Goals-based Financial Planning

As a professional in the prime of your earnings potential, OCF clients don't typically require much in the way of budgeting their income and expenses, so my financial planning philosophy is focused on goal attainment. Planning for retirement is typically the leading goal of my clients, but that doesn't mean we neglect other goals like vacations, cars, homes, boats, education, gifts, and much, much, more. I help you to find the economic balance between your needs, wants, and wishes by helping you clearly define and prioritize what is most important. Life is a series of thoughtful decisions to allocate finite resources and planning helps find the balance.

Scientifically-based Investment Management

Not all investment advisors and managers offer the same insights into investing. Some create complex strategies to follow charts, trends, and patterns. Others discount those strategies and try to predict the future and find inefficiencies in the market. OCF is different, still. We follow the currently proven science. From economic giants like Harry Markowitz, the father of Modern Portfolio Theory, Eugene Fama, father of modern finance, to others like William Sharpe, Gary Brinson, Kenneth French,  and many more, our factor investing style is based on proven methods to help you reach your financial goals. For many reasons, I don't concern myself, nor your savings, with "hot stocks" or "the next big thing" or last year's 5-star fund manager. I believe in risk-adjusted portfolios that are designed to help you reach your goals and minimize the impact of poor market performance.

Appropriate Considerations

Some advisors may say they make considerations for your tax situation when planning and advising, but many only consider a few details like which tax bracket you're currently in and which bracket you're likely to be in after retirement. But because I am an Enrolled Agent (EA), I have a deeper understanding of our tax code and incorporate that expertise into planning and investment management to increase investment returns by decreasing your liability to the government. 

Advisors that make their income from the sale of commissions often disregard fees as a consideration as well. I, however, as a fiduciary advisor must always consider fees and build portfolios from funds with the lowest possible internal fees so you don't pay more.

While always a concern, Inflation, is a silent investment returns killer. We must always consider the fact that day-after-day, this killer eats away at investment returns.

Is your Advisor ALWAYS doing what's best for you?

OVER COFFEE FINANCIAL is unique among financial advisors in the Cleveland area because we help to find solutions for clients who are just like us. 

My wife and I are professionals with big ambitions, goals, and dreams that consumed much of our 20s and 30s and caused us to sacrifice our ability to save at a younger age in lieu of our educations and dreams, but we're determined now to meet our future goals — just like every single one of the clients we help. We deeply understand the kinds of values our clients have and can relate to the outcomes they want most in life (like financial freedom, ability to travel more, increased autonomy to spend time and energy the way they want) because we share that vision.


Have you felt uncomfortable speaking with a financial advisor because they may have a different point of view than you? Did they try to convince you that you needed different goals or that one goal is more important than another? Did they just smile and nod, with glazed eyes as you laid out your financial life in front of them?


We know how most conversations with other advisors go; they want to spend a few hours with you, create a giant stack of documents from a cookie-cutter template, toss them your way and send you out the door. They don't take the time to listen to what you want or truly consider your needs. They don't focus on your goals, but rather, on what they can sell to you. 


At OCF, the primary objective is to provide comprehensive planning, thorough advice, and guidance to help you make financial decisions with greater confidence and understanding. We're not here to tell you what you should do or want, but rather help you find the path that helps you attain what you want.


When we work together, we collaborate on:


  • Making conscientious decisions about your finances,

  • Choosing the best path for you,

  • The various options available to you, and how each one might impact your wealth and overall financial life,

  • Implementing the final decisions that you choose to carry out,

  • Continually updating and assessing your goals, plans, and current and future plans.


There are plenty of quality CFP® professionals out there who act as fiduciaries, and many more who don’t, but very few who focus on solely helping clients like you. There are even fewer who deeply understand the opportunities, challenges, needs, and goals you have. OCF is a unique place specifically designed to provide wealth management to those who are ready to use their money as a tool to plan for a better tomorrow.


As a busy professional, your life is hectic, and there is a lot going on day to day and year to year. So, it becomes important to find a trusted advisor who can take the burden of specialized knowledge from you, so you don’t have to take time away from your life to learn what others have already mastered. Imagine every time your car needed maintenance or repairs, you had to learn to do it yourself. How much time isn’t wasted because we can simply outsource the effort to a skilled mechanic? The same is true with any other profession from medicine to law and teaching to financial advice, your time is valuable and outsourcing to an expert becomes an economical saver.

OCF understands the value of your time and that’s one reason for our simple, straightforward financial planning and investment management. It’s designed to educate you and free up time for you to spend where it is most valuable to you. This isn’t about writing down lots of complicated plans and ideas on paper, handing it to you, and saying “see you next year.” Together, we’ll identify what’s important to you. Then, OCF creates your action plan and provides the tools you’ll need to successfully make progress toward the life you want.


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