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Death Becomes Us

The thought of death is often a hard pill to swallow. From the moment we are born, we all start the inevitable journey towards the big “D.” We never know when or how the reaper will harvest our souls and for whatever reason, many of us live a good portion of our lives denying that one day we will take our final breath and leave this earthly existence. We smoke, never really believing that we will be afflicted with lung cancer. We eat fatty, unhealthy meals never expecting to suffer from heart disease and high cholesterol. Some of us (especially those of us in west Texas where the roads are straight as arrows, flat as pancakes, and the speed limits are sometimes 85 miles-per-hour) drive with reckless-abandon never imagining that we might be the victim of a horrific auto accident.

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I write this not to be morose, per se, but to once again shine a light on the need for insurance. In the past, I have written about a dear friend who returned to our Heavenly Father 3 years ago this month. He left behind a wife and a son, a mortgage and other bills with very little other things to help them get by after his death – he was 37 years old. Two weeks ago – as of the time I am writing this, a friend’s nephew experienced a disastrous auto accident. One person was killed, and my friend’s nephew is now lying in an ICU bed in a coma struggling to live. He leaves behind a wife, three kids, no insurance (health or life), and no savings, but now with the prospect of a lawsuit should he ever regain consciousness – he is in his 30s.

I highlight these events because it is so important to have insurance. Health insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance, auto insurance, home owner’s insurance, and myriad other kinds of insurance to cover the unexpected. I take that back, nothing is really unexpected, is it? We know we will die, hence the need for life insurance; we know that we will be in an accident of some kind in our car in our lifetime, hence the need for auto insurance; we know we will get sick, therefore we have health insurance. So why is it then that if not for laws forcing us to have it (i.e. – health and auto insurance *thanks Obama,) we otherwise would forego something that can prevent us, and our loved ones, from utter financial ruin? Is it hubris? Is it denial? Or is it that we don’t want to spend money today on something that may or may not be needed in the future? I don’t know the answer, and maybe it is a combination of all these things.

Regardless of why, it saddens me, when I think of how easy it is to protect ourselves and our families, but yet we seem to want to continue living as if we are oblivious to the reality that the odds are not in our favor of leaving this life unscathed, and undead.

Why wouldn’t you want to sacrifice a little today to buy that insurance that may be desperately needed by loved ones in the future? Call me today and we can talk about the coverages that just might help you and your family after a potentially devastating event takes place.

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