Many financial planning firms seek clients who want unnecessarily complex services so that they can charge high fees. However, there are a multitude of people who want simple, straight-forward advice that they can easily understand and follow.


The purpose of financial planning is to help ordinary people gain control over their financial lives. Rather than having to fend for oneself by researching, reading, and comprehending the vast array of information out there about investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, real estate, and much more, financial planners offer objective advice to help you reach your goals. Even if you have a good grasp of financial products, services, and markets we bring a dispassionate approach to your finances. This can lead to better decision making than one may make on their own regarding their own finances.


We offer plain, straight-forward solutions that are effective, low-cost, and easily understood. Because we know that the most successful experiences are based on a series of carefully analyzed, future-focused decisions made throughout one's life.

Holistic Financial Planning

What's Included

  • Identify your current personal and financial circumstances

  • Identify and prioritize goals

  • Analyze current course and offer alternatives

  • Develop a plan to reach goals

  • Plan presentation and review

  • Implementation of financial plan

  • Progress monitoring and plan updating

Investment Management

What's Included

  • Professional portfolio construction.

  • Monitoring and Rebalancing.

  • Optimized portfolio allocation + tax efficient location.

  • Simple, low-cost, tax-efficient investment selection.

  • All-inclusive fee.

Tax Prep



What's Included

  • Tax planner preparation guide.

  • Tax preparation.

    • Federal 1040 + schedules and forms​

    • State Income Tax

    • Local Income Tax

  • Extension filing, if needed.​

Simple Fees

Investment Management


of Assets Under Management (AUM), annually

Holistic Financial Planning

Included with Investment Management fee, or

$2,500 minimum fee

Tax Preparation

Starting at $90 per 1040


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